Please, learn to google!

Don't ask questions in chats/forums like:

Why do we need inheritance?
Why is the sky blue?
What is polymorphism?

These kinds of questions you can should google first!

To google means:

  1. Open Google (or other search engine)
  2. Enter your request.

- I saw, but what's wrong with that I ask these questions in chats/forums?

- Believe me, 99% of your questions someone asked in forum a long time ago. This means that the answer is in the Internet. Therefore, asking a question to Google (or other search engine), you not only will get quick response, but also will not be disturbing other people.

- So, is asking questions in the chat/forums prohibited/unethical/bad?

Not really. If you have a question, first Google it, then if you can't find the answer, you can search it in Yandex ask your question in forum.

The essence in one picture:

The son came to his father and asked: 'Why should I Google?'